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Selection of home furnishings is main thing or primary activity in decoration of room which must be considered first like sofa in a living room, bed in bedroom and desks in an office. If you are selecting home furnishings, then you must have ideas of architectural shapes in your room in mind.

If you are placing room furnishings then you must take care of light as dark cabinets will disappear in dimly light alcove. Similarly bright pieces will garnish under picture windows. If you are furnishing your room then you must have a clear idea about its use as if you typically eat or drink there then is there enough places to put plates and cups downs.

Is there any place for keeping books and CDs? You can mix hard and soft surfaces with rugs and table covered with fabrics. Then next step is selection of color scheme. If you have decided about the color used in the room then you should bring samples at home and look at them in day light and at night, in both natural and incandescent light and while selecting any color scheme, you must keep in mind that dark colors will fade over time more than light colors.
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You must keep in mind other things remain in furnishings and any wood material if remaining. Nowadays, if we talk about home furnishings then we will see that focus on ergonomics is given more than anything else. Ergonomically built furniture is safe for body and health and it helps in taking care of you.
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Space management is a critical problem facing nowadays and this is reason that emphasis is given on furniture which takes minimum space like computer chairs and cabinets, coffee tables made from stainless steel and chrome, stools with magazine racks and retracted wheel systems are some of the examples of modular furniture.
home furnishings
Now, hard materials and glass materials are given preferences over wood, as you can see that sinks, drain boards and fireplaces are made of these materials. These materials are used to symbolize the machine age in which we are living.
home furnishings
These materials are easy to drain and more durable than wood. A comfortable home brings solace and peace after you come home after hard day’s work so everyone tries to keep his home outstanding and comfortable. Furnishings of home play an important role in achieving this goal so pay attention on it. 

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