Monday, 6 February 2012

Short hairstyles 2013

Short hairstyles get a striking image mix in 2013: cap cuts are soft and cute hairstyles of longer layers but heavy, sweeping bangs will also be a famous style element in mini cuts. This year you can up-date your appearance with an incredibly stylish micro-cut.

Say goodbye to monotony and catapult yourself onto the best-tressed list with an awesome appearance. Textured pixie will give you the chance to fake your way to thick and heavy locks. Natural movement is one of the most important benefits of short cropped style. You can get rid of unmanageable hair with some styling tricks and flaunt your creativity by wearing a brand new and revitalized short hairstyles 2013 each time you hit the boardwalk.

Perk up your statement short hairstyle with modern and latest sculpting ideas. You can adopt tresses messy and modern by experimenting with various hairstyling formulas. If you want to prominent your sensual and romantic side, you can also wear the sleek hair trend to rock. Close-cropped haircut is an ultra-flattering haircut. This iconic appearance will show you a great insight into the modern hairdressing trend in terms of short hair.
Short hairstyles 2013 - Short haircuts 2013
Many women are also trying to re-create the very impressive short hairstyles of popular celebrities and show long-hair fans that how amazing micro-crops can really be. You can wear a sexy sleek ‘do for a romantic date or other formal occasions.
Short hairstyles 2013 - Short haircuts 2013
On the other hand, tousling, teasing and bold hair accessories are also frequently used for glam parties. Pixie haircut is epitome of classic fashion 2013, with wispy bangs and in even length haircut. There are many varieties of pixie crop, from short to pageboy appearance to the side swept bangs that are very gorgeous.
Short hairstyles 2013 - Short haircuts 2013
Now women would not have to wear long, shimmery tresses to be deemed glamorous and stunning. Pixie crop short hairstyle 2013 is not a new hairstyle while it is famous and has hit a peak of success over the past year. It is most popular bob haircuts and is inspired by styles of 70’s.
Short hairstyles 2013 - Short haircuts 2013
The pin-up retro hairstyle is also a latest short hairstyle 2013. It can be cut any length, as long your bangs stay a few fingers, width apart from your eyebrows. The short bangs have become increasingly famous these days as many celebrities are also wearing these hairstyles along with tattoos.

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