Wednesday, 1 August 2012


White color is very sophisticated color and you can wear white prom dresses on your prom nights though white colored dresses are worn on weddings so if you are going to try any of the white prom dresses then you must not make your dress heavy. You can use light embellishments but your prom dress should be such that it must not give you a bridal appearance.

You can do a change so that your white dress looks different from wedding dress. White prom dresses are great and they can make you beautiful but they look more gorgeous with their matching accessories as if you are going to try some change then you can wear black shoes or headbands with your white prom dress.

Black and pink shoes will compliment your look so you can try them but if you do not like matching accessories then you must wear white headbands and white shoes as there are many styles of shoes like white sandals, pumps, high heels so you can wear shoes of your choice and in which you feel comfortable.
White prom dresses
You can also wear colored sash around your waist. Red colored sash look awesome. Similarly pastels can also give a change to your look. If you want to stand out of the crowd then you can wear white dress on your prom night though at first sight, you will look like bride but when everyone will look at you then they will see your beauty.
White prom dresses
It is true that white color is bridal color but it is also true that this color is very cool and calm so if you want to look totally different and prominent from rest of the crowd then you must not wear bridal like floor length gowns with too many embellishments.
White prom dresses
However trendy necklines with contrasting colors are in fashion this year. White dresses on prom nights can give you a fairy look but if you are wearing white dress for your prom dress then you will have to work hard so that you can not look like bridal.
White prom dresses
White dress for your prom night must be very simple but you can use some beads and embellishments if you want to make your dress simple but stylish. Girls with fair color should not try white dress as their color will fade the beauty of the dress but if you want to wear white color then you must go with tan as it looks great on white. 

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