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Men s hairstyles

Like women the boys and men are also conscious of their beautiful look. They want to look decent and stylish. For this purpose the men apply many hair styles. Like women the men also have three lengths of hair: short hair, medium hair and long hair.

The men try curling of both kinds wavy and bouncy curls. These curling can be tried on all lengths of hair. But if the men have straight hair of different lengths, they make many hair styles with straight hair. Now a day, the demanding hair styles are made with razors instead of scissors.

Now the men like to have a hair style by cutting hair in three different lengths as the side part of hairs are very short and the back part of hair is a little longer. In the same way the upper part of hair are long. The upper hairs are set with fixing gel to make a rough and messy look. This hair style is very interesting. All the boys and men like to this kind of hair style.
Men s hairstyles - Men s haircuts
There is one of men s hairstyles which is similar to women’s hair style. This hair style is known as layer hair style. The men make layers in their hairs. So, this hair style is also popular in boys and men. The Quif hair style is another famous hair style among men s hairstyles.
Men s hairstyles - Men s haircuts
The 1950 was the year of big hair. In this year the top hairs are flipped up and back is also flipped while the sides are kept short. Now this 1950 hair style has a revival in the year 2013. This hair styles is liked by young men as the casual hair style. Click hairstyles 2013
Men s hairstyles - Men s haircuts
Now a day, the short hair is set by pulling it upwards direction like a spiky hairstyle. Now the v shape is applied in hair styles. This shape is made from keeping very short hair at side and a little long hair in center and after that by pulling hair up.
Men s hairstyles - Men s haircuts
Corn row hair style is also popular as the men hair styles. On round face this hair style looks good.  Vegeta hair style attracts a lot of men and boys. Many a men like to have too short hair. This hair style gives very decent look to the men. So, many a men try this hair style for casual routine use.

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